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The meaning of Monselice may perhaps derive from “mons silicis” (stone mountain in Latin), or to be more precise, Mons Silicis (flint hill) because of the local flint quarries. The earliest settlements in the hills date back to prehistory. Numerous finds prove that the place was inhabited since prehistory which developed between the Bronze and Iron Ages. The favourable position, at the junction of important land and water routes, was ideal for the early development of local culture. As an urban centre Monselice goes back to the 5th – 6th century AD when a Byzantine fortification grew on the hill of La Rocca, a site of great strategic importance for defence.

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Things to see : St Giustina, the Castle, the Civic Tower, Villa Duodo, Villa Mocenigo, the Sanctuary of the Seven Churches.

Walking along straight and long routes, in a plain crossed by canals, along PIANURA PADANA, we shall encounter the Adige and we follow it along its banks for several km. We leave from Piazza Mazzini, we cross Via Roma to get to Via Ezzelino, then Via del Santuario to arrive at the Duomo Vecchio, where Via delle Sette Chiese begins which leads to Via San Martino. We then cross the State Highway SS16 and carry on along Costa Calcinara for 500 m, then we turn right and arrive at a roundabout. We turn right again and we cross to take a lane parallel to Via Vetta, which we reach after  . We continue along this road, which is not too busy, for about 3 km and passing through Vetta we reach National Highway A13, which we cross. 600m and we turn right to underpass Regional Highway SR104; 300m more and we arrive at a around about which we overcome by taking a lane on the right. We cross Provincial Highway SP37, and walking along the pavement on the left for about 1 km until we turn left for Pozzonovo. In case we don’t need supplies, we may continue to Via Rezzole and Via Tezzon and then Via Valli and arrive at the embankment of Canale Gorzone. We turn left and in less than one Km  we reach the bridge over the canal: before us les Stroppare. We cross then turn left and continue along the embankment of the canal for about 5 Km. We arrive on Provincial Highway SP92, turn right, 50 m and there is a roundabout, we go left in Via Roma and arrive in the centre of Anguillara Veneta, by turning left on Via Mazzini.

We have 20 km behind us and 14 ahead of us. We resume our walk from the square, and with the church on our back we take Viale Chiesa, which leads us to the bank of the Adige. At the roundabout we turn left, and  cover all the walkway along the bridge, we turn right and start the long walk toward Rovigo.. We leave S. Martino di Venezze on our left and we arrive at Boara Polesine. We cross State Highway SS16, watching the hellish traffic, and carry on for one km to the railway line. Here we turn left on Via della Fabbrica for 150 m, then we take the cycling lane on the right which runs along the rail for 2,5 Km taking us to the Railway Station. To get to the centre of town we turn left on Viale G. Marconi, then right on Viale Regina Margherita. At the roundabout we carry on straight ahead and continue straight on to Via Domenico Angeli; turning left and we find Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II.

WARNING! in the wetlands of the plains provide yourself with products against mosquitoes

For the description of the route see the Guide of Simone Frignani
From airport (VENEZIA, MILANO-ORIO, VERONA) to Padova FS Railway Station; from BOLOGNA to Monselice FS Railway Station TRAIN – (www.trenitalia.com) Verona FS Railway Station –  Monselice FS Railway Station;  Bologna FS Railway Station-  Monselice FS Railway Station;  Venezia-Mestre FS Railway Station- Monselice FS Railway Station
Via Roma,79 – 35022 ANGUILLARA VENETA
Via Cà Donà,100 – 45030 SAN MARTINO DI VENEZZE -RO
Via C.Colombo,5 – 35043 MONSELICE
Lidl Via Colombo,31 – 35043 MONSELICE
Lidl Via Porta Po,68 – 45100 ROVIGO
Hotel Cauccio viale Oroboni 41/50 , 45100 ROVIGO 0425-31639 / 320-0961982 hotelcauccio@live.it www.hotelcauccio.it
Trattoria Al Corno piazzetta Appiotti, 13 – 45100 ROVIGO 0425-421284
Hotel Petrarca via Roma, 90 – 35040 BOARA PISANI (PD) 0425-485176 hotelpetrarca@ristorantehotelpetrarca.it www.ristorantehotelpetrarca.it
Hotel Cauccio viale Oroboni 41/50 , 45100 ROVIGO 0425-31639 / 320-0961982 hotelcauccio@live.it www.hotelcauccio.it
Seminario Vescovile via Sichirollo,70 – 45100 ROVIGO 0425-34534 / 0425-423977 seminario@diocesiadriarovigo.it seminario.diocesiadriarovigo.it
B&B Sacco via dei Cappuccini 6 – ROVIGO 347-7019320 saccobb@yahoo.it www.saccoalloggi.it/
Casa Religiosa B.V. Addolorata via dei Cappuccini 17  – 45100 ROVIGO 0425-422455 contatti@smr.it www.smr.it/index.php
B&B Grandi Fiumi via De Amicis 3, 45100 ROVIGO 0425-29604 / 349-2843801 accorsipatrizia@libero.it www.bedbreakfastgf.it
Hotel Petrarca via Roma 90, 35040 BOARA PISANI (PD) 0425-485176 hotelpetrarca@ristorantehotelpetrarca.it www.ristorantehotelpetrarca.it
Braggion Silvio Viale Porta Adige,18 – 45100 ROVIGO 0425-33399
Pivaro Giuseppe Via G.Mazzini,50 – 45100 ROVIGO 0425-21825
Tekno Bike Via G.Mameli,1 – 45100 ROVIGO 0425-090329
La Bicicletteria Via Statale,11 – 35048 STANGHELLA PD 0425-95701
Uffici I.A.T. – Provincia di Rovigo Viale della Pace, 5  – 45100 ROVIGO 0425 386290 iat.rovigo@provincia.rovigo.it www.polesineterratraduefiumi.it

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