EAVRG 2020

EAVRG 2020

The European Association Via Romea Germanica works constantly to offer an attractive, well-structured route for pilgrims and tourists who travel on foot or by bicycle, from Stade (North Sea) to Rome, for a good 2,200 km.

In Emilia-Romagna, for Christmas, we have built some works, thanks to various funding:

  1. An illustrative notice board in La Fratta
  2. An illustrative notice board in Meldola
  3. An illustrative notice board in Santa Sofia
  4. Completion of two service areas in Santa Sofia along the Via Romea
  5. Crossing with ford and securing a stream in Santa Sofia

The type of notice boards is unitary and similar to those already assembled in Romagna. They are at the beginning of the population centers and are indicated:

  1. The route from that point forward, with the elevation profile and floor plan
  2. The inhabited center with all the services for pilgrims
  3. Brief description in two languages ​​of the area and the country to be crossed
  4. Brief description in two languages ​​of the Via Romea Germanica

BERTINORO. On the notice board in Fratta Terme there is also the ring-walk that reaches the center of Bertinoro, with its square, the town hall and the view of the Romagna coast. Bertinoro is one of the most beautiful and significant villages, rich in those traditions (cuisine, hospitality, history) specific to Romagna. The Terme di Fratta are an example of Romagna entrepreneurship.

MELDOLA. The notice board is before the town of San Colombano, where the Via Romea offers the alternative of a particularly naturalistic route, along the Bidente-Ronco river. In Meldola there are two walks that come from Forlì: from the hills to the east (from Forlì Ronco to La Fratta to the Ponte dei Veneziani) and the one that comes from the hills to the west (from Forlì San Martino to Scardavilla to the center of Meldola); they made ring-walk of 53 km which has the historical centers of Forlì and Meldola as main points.

SANTA SOFIA. In Santa Sofia, beyond the notice board, a safe ford of the Fosso degli Albini has been built which at certain times of the year is in full swing and makes it difficult to cross. Two service areas have also been set up, one in the town (Via Minuccia) and one in the hamlet of Raggio, next to an old parish church and next to an ancient “majesty” and the Cross commemorating the 2000 Jubilee. There are the fountains and the view is exceptional.

Thanks to the “Altra Romagna” LAG, the Emilia-Romagna Region and the Municipalities of Forlì, Cervia, Forlimpopoli, Bertinoro, Meldola, Civitella, Galeata, Santa Sofia and Bagno di Romagna, all active members of the Association itself.

In the photos the President of the EAVRG Flavio Foietta and the Mayor Daniele Valbonesi in the verification of the works carried out in the Municipality of Santa Sofia.