Little Romei

Little Romei



“Piccoli Romei in Cammino (Little Romei on roads -Romee maiores)” was born within the rurALLURE project ( ), in relation within the international project: “Reconnecting With Your Culture” (RWYC; / edakids-reconnecting-with-yourculture / ), headed by Olimpia Niglio, vice-president of the ICOMOS-PRERICO International Commission (Places of Religious and Rituals), and which as cultural partner Fiorella Dallari, president of the Via Romea Germanica Scientific Committee.

Fiorella Dallari, professor Alma Mater – University of Bologna, coordinator (with Olimpia Niglio) of the Italian Scientific Commission of PRERICO-ICOMOS, president of the Scientific Committees of the three Romee maiores (European Association of Vie Francigene, Italian Association of Via Romea Germanica and European Association of Romea Strata ), together with the Cammini di San Martino, presents the “Piccoli Romei” project with the Department of Sciences for the Quality of Life, of Education Sciences “Giovanni Maria Bertin” with the International Center for Didactics of History and Heritage (DiPaSt) and the Center for Tourism Studies (CAST) of the Alma Mater Studiourum – University of Bologna.


Starting from the invitation to our young people to reconnect to their culture with “Reconnecting With Your Culture”, all schools from kindergarten to first two years of high school are involved worldwide, so that they are committed to spreading the awareness among pupils and students of being the heirs of the territorial heritage, of that wealth that accompanies them every day and lives with them (Living Heritage).

“Piccoli Romei in Cammino”, in particular, is a project that is committed to preparing children and young people for the journey of life, accompanied by teachers, parents, grandparents and friends to rediscover their cultural and religious heritage near and far along the ancient streets of pilgrimage and culture. The goal is also to give life to an innovative tourism practice, sustainable in everyday life, as a new vision of lifestyle, where our children live their territory actively and in community with the patronage of the Romee maiores (Vie Francigene, Via Romea Germanica and Romea Strata) together with the Paths of San Martino.


To be part of it, teachers are invited to implement and apply the pedagogical program which is presented in Students with the guidance of the teachers will choose the heritage to be recognized and if they want to set out on the ancient pilgrim roads indicate their participation in the “PRiC, Piccoli Romei in Cammino” project at INDIRE ( is the reference and now all schools can apply the method and communicate the results to


Per farne parte, si invitano i docenti è di mettere in atto e applicare il programma pedagogico che è presentato in  .  Gli studenti con la guida dei docenti sceglieranno il patrimonio da riconoscere e se vorranno mettersi in cammino nelle antiche strade dei pellegrini indicare la partecipazione al progetto “PRiC, Piccoli Romei in Cammino” all’indirizzo   INDIRE (  ) è riferimento e adesso tutte le scuole possono applicare il metodo e comunicare i risultati a .




You will be contacted to organize meetings of school groups linked by geographical proximity, and you can always refer to the Scientific Committee Via Romea Germanica, of which Fiorella Dallari is responsible (

For the Via Romea Germanica, you can refer to every problem and need:

  1. Luigi Polo is responsible for the Veneto ( ),
  2. Rodolfo Valentini is responsible for Emilia-Romagna ( )

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