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Harsefeld still in the district of Stade stands on an alluvial plain created by the river Steinbech. Its castle dates back to 969 A.D., and the Benedictine Monastery dates to the 15th century, but was destroyed in 1546. A library was built on the foundations of the monastery by the will of Huth Friedrich, a great merchant.

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Resuming our walk on the L124 or Friedreich Huth Strasse, we cross the railway and 270 m beyond we turn left on the Jahnstrasse. Then Stahmannskamp taking, in 2,6 km we go to Hollenbeck. We cross the village first following Oberdorf, then Unterdorf. We cross the village following, first the Oberdorf, then the Unterdorf; we turn left on to the Am Brink, continuing on the Buttermoor; we arrive on the Im Drauen where we turn right and after 260 m again to the right on the Neue Strasse, which leads us  to Kakerbeck. We cross the village and turn right where the Neue Strasse turns left; we follow a country lane for 2,4 km to reach Oersdorf; we cross the village centre walking along the Heerstrasse then Masch, we carry on straight for about 8 km and arrive on the K120. 400 m and we turn right on the Bohnsterweg which we follow for 3,2 km up to Heeslingen. Out of the village we follow the Offenserwegh, then we turn right on the Die Dorfwiessen, to reach, following carefully our route, Offensen, a village completely surrounded by woodland, after 2,3 km, we turn left on the Heidjers Ruh, we cross the River Oste, we walk for 900 m through a thick wood till we arrive at a large camping site; we skirt the large swimming pool, we take the footpath along the torrent Aue Mehde and in less than 2 km we shall be in the centre of Zeven.

Samtgemeinde Zeven – Am Markt 4 – 27404 Zeven –

tel.: 04281/716 0 – www.zeven.de

Touristikverband Landkreis Rotenburg zwischen Heide und Nordsee e. V.Am Pferdemarkt 1 – 27356 Rotenburg  (Wumme)

Tel.: 04261/8196 0 – www.touROW.de

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