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The history of the Brenner is closely connected with the pass which takes its name from the Breunes, a tribe settled in the upper Isarco Valley and over the waershed, in Roman times. A region they called Vallis Vipitina. In the 2nd C. a.D. the Romans built a military road, some of whose milestones are still standing, since the age of Marc Aurel, Septimius Severus and Caracalla. Significant remains of this road are in full view for long stretches near the modern roads. Worthy of notice, in Brenner town, is St. Valentine’s Church built on the site where in 565 a sanctuary to St Valentine had been built. The bell tower was built in the 16th C. whereas the body of the church and the portal were built in the 15th C. For those interested in matters concerning World War II, a bunker can be visited by climbing 84 steps above the church.

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The first stage does not present difficulties, developing in mainly downhill paths, along the the river bank Isarco / Eisack to its source. We start from over 1300 meters a.s.l. from the Passo del Brennero / Brenner Pass to reach Vipiteno / Sterzing at an altidude of a.s.l. 950m

We begin our journey to Rome. Starting from the train station we cross the town and we head to the cycle path that starts behind the church of San Valentino. The route follows the ancient railway, transformed into a cycle path. After 3.5km we are at the Terme del Brennero / Brennerbad; due to work we are forced to return on the main road for 300m, then we take the cycle path to the right. Passing through 2 tunnels, we overcome what remains of the old toll booths and the Ponticolo station; at the crossroads we leave the bike path and turn left onto the road, heading for Colle Isarco / Gossensass that we see below. 200m a bend to the right, another 200m and at the fork turn left; 300m and turn right to continue straight, after another 200m, on a path that leads us to the first houses of the village; turn left, after 100m to the right, then left; 100m and enter the cemetery. After visiting the chapel of S.Barbara, we go down the steps of the miners. We turn left and arrive on the Brennero state road. We turn left, cross and take via Posta Vecchia (sent.n.2) to the right. We climb and pass under the highway; 150 and leave the road for hiking path n.21 that takes us into a beautiful forest of conifers after 1,3km we leave the forest, turn right and arrive at Castel Strasberg, descend to the small farming village of Novale di Sopra; turn left and go up, walking among meadows and various cultivations. After the farm house we take the path on the left and go back into the woods; 200m and take the left path, then another 200m and go right; 1km and start to descend and after a bar we return to the meadows on a dirt track and arrive in sight of Vipiteno. We descend to the railway, which we follow for a while, we under pass the rail way tracks, then on the right of the road, we cross the river Isarco / _Eisack and arrive in the main square of Vipiteno / Sterzing, under the Torre dei dodici / Zwölferturm.

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Da aeroporto (BOLOGNA, VENEZIA, MILANO-ORIO, VERONA) a Stazione FS Verona TRENO -(www.trenitalia.com) Stazione FS Verona – Stazione FS Brennero BUS/TRENI LOCALI – (www.ritten.com/out.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.sii.bz.it%2Fit&l=it) Stazione FS Bolzano – Stazione Brennero
Oratorio Maria Schutz Via Santa Margherita 5 39049 VIPITENO-BZ 0472-765135 (don Giorgio) parrocchia.vipiteno@virgilio.it www.vipiteno.eu/it/Ufficio_parrocchiale
Pensione Villa Maria Citta Vecchia,33 39049 – VIPITENO-BZ 0472-767622 info@pension-villa-maria.com www.pension-villa-maria.com
Albergo Silbergasser Brennerbad 5, 39041 – TERME DI BRENNERO-BZ 0472-631158 info@silbergasser.it www.silbergasser.it
Olimpia hotel Via Karl Von Etzel, 10 – 39041 – Brennero-BZ 0472 631163 albergoolimpia@gmail.com www.suedtirol.info/it/alloggi/albergo-olimpia_a_1500
Appartamenti Monika Via Parrocchia 8, 39041 – COLLE ISARCO-BZ 0472-632 372 info@appartements-monica.com www.appartements-monica.com
Pension Pichler Via Notenburg 1, 39042 – COLLE ISARCO-BZ 0472-632406 info@aparthotel-pichler.com www.aparthotel-pichler.com
Albergo Alpenhof Strange 4,   39043 – COLLE ISARCO-BZ 0472 632346 info@pensionalpenhof.it www.pensionalpenhof.it
Hotel Schuster Pfarrgasse 1, 39044 – COLLE ISARCO-BZ 0472-632322 info@hotel-schuster.com  
Hotel Gudrun via Posta vecchia 8, 39045 – COLLE ISARCO-BZ 0472-632318 info@hotel-gudrun.com www.hotel-gossensass.com/it/hotel-gudrun
B&B Wipptalerhof Neustadt 4,  39049 – VIPITENO-BZ 0472-765428 wipptalerhof@rolmail.net www.vinzenz.it/wipptalerhof/
Pension Frick via Deutschhaus 22,  39049 – VIPITENO-BZ 0472-764496 info@pension-frick.com www.pension-frick.com/it/
Camping Pizzeria Gilfenklamm via Val Giovo 2, 39040 RACINES -BZ 0472-779132 info@camping-gilfenklamm.com www.camping-gilfenklamm.com
Noleggio Bici al Brennero Via San Valentino,9/a – 39041 BRENNERO-BZ 0472-631142    
Noleggio Bici a Vipiteno Via Brennero,14 – 39049 VIPITENO-BZ 0472-760627    
Rad Sport Freund Via Dante,3 – 39049 VIPITENO-BZ 0472-767691    
Bauer Walter Via della Frana,5 – 39049 VIPITENO-BZ 0472-766801    
M2 Bike M2 Design Via Novale,39 – 39049 VIPITENO-BZ 0472-760470/762064    
CAI Alto Adige Viale Europa 53/F – 39100 BOLZANO 0471 402144  segreteria@caialtoadige.it www.caialtoadige.it
CAI Brennero via S.Valentino,25 – 39041  BRENNERO-BZ 0472-631189 / 339-7279247  milorbrennero@virgilio.it www.cai.it
Associazione turistica di Colle Isarco Piazza Ibsen, 2 – 39041 COLLE ISARCO-BZ 0472-632372 info@gossensass.org www.gossensass.org
Associazione Turistica Vipiteno Piazza Città 3 – 39049 VIPITENO-BZ 0472-765325 info@infosterzing.com www.vipiteno.com
Portale Turismo Alto Adige 0471 402 144 info@suedtirol.info www.suedtirol.info
Consorzio Turistico Valle Isarco Bastioni Maggiori 26A -39042 BRESSANONE-BZ 0472-802232 info@valleisarco.info www.valleisarco.info