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Collalbo/Klobenstein is the most important locality on the plateau; it boasts a number of picturesque buildings, typical of holiday resorts in the region. The place is connected with Soprabolzano/Oberbozen by the local Renon train. We are in the heart of the Italian Tyrol, or Alto Adige, a plateau that reaches an altitude spanning between 700 and 1,300 m, very green and dotted with pretty little villages and geological curiosities such as the Pyramids of Earth and small lakes, among them the most famous is the Lake of Costalovara/Wolfsgrubenersee, known for its clear water where in Summer one can bathe and in winter can do ice skating. The area is crossed by the Kaiserweg, the Emperor’s Way, which enabled to cross the narrows of the Isarco river north of Bolzano, and of which traces remain in several places. This is a stage without difficulties except the long descent to Bolzano.

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We leave from the local train station of Renon, we turn right on Via Michael Gamper and follow it even when it turns left. At the roundabout, we carry on straight ahead to Kemater Strasse for 100 m., to continue straight along footpath 35 (or Freud Promenade) and we walk up to Soprabolzano town centre. We cross over the cable car to Bolzano, we follow Via Paese for 200 m, turn left and  again left in front of the Hotel Post Victorian take Via della Piscina, and walking on an ancient stone paved road to turn towards the outlook on the Earth Pyramids. We return on the footpath and walk for 400 m and climb up on the then towards the little church of St Giacomo. Continuing downhill until we reach footpath 6, then walk on tarmac for 2 km, when we can continue toward Bolzano, still on tarmac and downhill. Or otherwise we may turn right on footpath 2° for a longer route but less steep and with less tarmac. In the first instance we shall enter the city from Via Maddalena, in the second, from Via St Osvaldo. We are in the Station area and very close to the city centre and the Cathedral.

For the description of the route see the Guide of Simone Frignani
From airport (BOLOGNA, VENEZIA, MILANO-ORIO, VERONA) to Verona FS Railway Station TRAIN – (www.trenitalia.com) Verona FS Railway Station – Bolzano FS Railway Station BUS/LOCAL TRAIN (www.ritten.com/out.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.sii.bz.it%2Fit&l=it) Bolzano FS Railway Station – Collabo FS Railway Station
Bar Stuzzicheria La Casa di Jo Via Piè di Virgolo,4 – 39100 BOLZANO 327-5625009 [email protected]
Cavallino Bianco Via Bottai,6 – 39100 BOLZANO 0471-973267 www.weissesroessl.org
Al Cavaliere Zum Ritter Via A.Hofer Str,24 – 39100 BOLZANO 0471-300637 [email protected]
Sporthotel Spogler Lengmoos,21 – 39054 COLLALBO – RENON-BZ 0471-356211 [email protected] www.spoeglerhotels.com
Soggiorno Alpino ANA Costalovara,30 – 39054 RENON-BZ 0471-285771 [email protected] www.soggiornoalpino.com
Hotel Latemar via della Chiesa 1, 39054 SOPRABOLZANO-BZ 0471-345286 [email protected] www.hotel-latemar.net
Albergo Leone – Gasthof Zum Loewen Via Barleit,14 – 39052 CALDARO-BZ 0471-963411 / 335-824252
Youth Hostel Via Renon 23 – 39100 BOLZANO 0471-300865 [email protected] www.ostello.bz
Sonnen Residence Ritten Via Michael Gamper,27 – 39054 COLLALBO – RENON BZ 0471-356450-356211 [email protected] www.spoeglerhotels.com/it/alloggi/sonnenresidence-ritten-famiglie-a-bambini-benessere-a-comfort/il-residence-renon-alto-adige
Sporthotel Spogler Lengmoos,21 – 39054 COLLALBO – RENON BZ 0471-356211 [email protected] www.spoeglerhotels.com
Soggiorno Alpino ANA Costalovara,30 – 39045 RENON (BZ) 0471-285771 [email protected] www.soggiornoalpino.com
Abbazia di Novacella (Peter Sader) Abbazia di Novacella 0472-824354 – 835588 [email protected] www.kloster-neustift.it
Rosengarten Rooms via Catinaccio 1 – 39100 BOLZANO 340-0034065 [email protected] www.rosengartenbz.com
Hotel Latemar via della Chiesa 1, 39054 SOPRABOLZANO 0471-345286 [email protected] www.hotel-latemar.net
Albergo Leone – Gasthof Zum Loewen Via Barleit,14 – 39052 CALDARO BZ 0471-963411 / 335-824252
Hous Karin Via Vivaio,11 – 39052 CALDARO BZ 0471-963102 / 340-0977578 [email protected] www.hauskarin.info
Bike Rental – Stazione Fiera – Bolzano Sud Via Marco Polo – Stazione Sud – 39100 BOLZANO 0473-201500
Rewel Bikes Via Rencio,46 – 39100 BOLZANO 0471-979222
Radsport Klammer & C. Via Rencio,95 – 39100 BOLZANO 0471-978193
Camin G.M.B.H. Via E.Ferrari,5 – 39100 BOLZANO 0471-934725
Cicli Balduzzi Via San Quirino,13/a – 39100 BOLZANO 0471-281068
Engl Zweirad Via Cavour,20 – 39100 BOLZANO 0471-978114
Fusari Cicli Via Firenze,2 – 39100 BOLZANO 0471-2730363-201500
Kiklos Cicli Via Sassari,17/a – 39100 BOLZANO 0471-911149
Nrg Bike Viale Druso,102 – 39100 BOLZANO 0471-051248
Zago Cicli Via Resia,97 – 39100 BOLZANO 0471-912259
Zanolini Bike Professional Via Dalmazia,17 – 39100 BOLZANO 0471-933075
Azienda di Soggiorno e Turismo Piazza Walther, 39100 BOLZANO 0471 307000 [email protected] www.bolzano-bozen.it
CAI Alto Adige Viale Europa 53/F 39100 BOLZANO 0471 402 144 [email protected] www.caialtoadige.it
Portale Turismo Alto Adige 0471 402 144 [email protected] www.suedtirol.info
CAI  Bolzano Piazza delle Erbe, 46 – 39100 BOLZANO 0471 978 172 [email protected] www.caibolzano.it

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