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The place-name is found as Salurnis in the second half of the 8th century, as Salurne in 1184-86, and Salurn in 1288. The name probably derives from the ancient word “sala”, which meant swamp. An erudite theory presumes that the name is a distortion of Solis Urnae, or the Tomb of the Sun. In fact Salorno enjoys little sunshine over the year. It is the southernmost municipality of the Province of Bolzano, a “bridge” that unites the Trentino with the Alto Adige. Above the town, in a commanding position lies the Castle of Haderburg, an ancient keep which has become the symbol of the municipality. In the vicinity of Salorno runs the famous Durer’s footpath, which takes us to the village of Pochi, where it worth visiting a garden with sculptures by Sieglinde Tatz Borgonovo, and to enjoy a wonderful view of the valley.

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In order to continue our walk on the Via Romea from the centre of the village, we shall return toward the motorway and once by the bridge on the Adige, we shall take, on the left, the cycling lane running parallel to the river. We shall follow it for about 6,5 km, until reaching the locality of Cadino where we shall return on the provincial highway and will follow it for a length of 700 m to a point where on the left we shall take the road to the Castle of Monreale. Passed the Castle, which deserves a visit. Our route continues through vineyards until reaching the road to Faedo, which we shall cross and take the road to Canazzi and Lavis. Unfortunately we are still walking on tarmac, but the traffic is light. The route carries on following the ups and downs of the mountain foothill, with a fine panorama of the Adige valley on the right where the river is joined by the Noce, its tributary and where the Valley of Non opens up. Passed the locality of Canazzi, we shall arrive after 3 km at the chapel of San Valentino. After 2 km we shall pass by a Maso (mountain farm on the side of a hill on top of which is a Roman milestone which marks the direction of a Roman road, part of the network of the VIA CLAUDIA AUGUSTA. 500 m on we shall arrive at Maso Panizza di Sopra, today the Cobelli cellar with B&B, a fine halting point, since nearby Pressano, the next village, is not even provided with a coffee bar. From Pressano, after the second crossroad, we turn left. The road, first uphill then downhill, unfortunately on tarmac, will take us to Lavis in 2 km. The crest of the municipality of Lavis shows a shield half red and half blue with three gold bars tied together by a silver ribbon. This is the coat of arms of the ancient “Community of Lavis, Pressano and Consorti”, and symbolizes the union and solidarity between the three communities.

Immediately after the bridge, we climb up a flight of steps on the left, following the directions SAT 472- Via Claudia Augusta. At the top of the steps, there is a footpath going through the woods, which after 180 m  takes us to a tarmac road. We walk left tackling a steep hill for 170 m where the little road ends in front of a gate, where a footpath begins on our right (sign pointing to Meano) and runs through a chestnut wood. 300 m ahead we find a little road tarmac paved running through vineyards; we go left for 700 m, then at a fountain we turn left uphill leading to Strada dei Molinari. We carry on for 600 m still uphill until a STOP sign at Gazzadina. We cross the Provincial highway, and continue along a lane straight ahead. After only 20 m we go right along Strada Vecchia for 100 m, at  the STOP, we take, just before us, strada della Ca’ Comuna, following the footpath 1 Via Claudia Augusta. After 80m, at a crossroad, we carry straight on on Strada dei Magnoi, which goes up a little valley, then turning right, descends between a wood and vineyards. 500 m on we reach a high lane, we turn left and in 100 m, at locality Maso Magnoi, we take an uphill lane on the left (footpath 8 to Cortesano). 30 m on we find a footpath on the right, climbing up a woodland which after 200 m reaches a broad fenced lane that takes us downhill on the right . 600 m on footpath 9, which at a point is paved with tarmac, we arrive at crossroad in front of the first house o Meano, we take a footpath on the left which runs between houses to continue downhill through a wood where it is called sentiero1 – Via Claudia Augusta which, in fact, preserves stretches of Roman flagstones. 400 m on we cross a torrent on a footbridge, we climb up the slope and in 200 m we reach a little paved road (Strada della Fachina). Without stepping on the tarmac , we turn left on a gentle uphill slope, still following the signs pointing at the Via Claudia Augusta. We climb along a new stone paved lane and 400 m on we find another lane, we turn right downhill, then uphill in a woodland for 1 km we find a paved road. Continuing along the Via Claudia Augusta for 500 m more uphill to the Provincial Highway from which vantage point we shall enjoy a complete panorama of the city of Trento. Now turn right downhill, and after 250 m we will be crossing Bolleri, then we continue on the Provincial Highway for 1,2 km to Martignano. We enter the town at the second crossing, on Via Leone Serafini. After the parish church, we turn left and follow Via del Forte, then right on Via Pradiscola for 800 m. At the multiple junction we turn right on Via Marnighe-Parco le Coste on a steep slope. 100 m on we reach the start of footpath 3 leading to Trento Port’Aquila. We descend through he park. We cross Via alle Coste  in less than 1 km we arrive in Via delle Laste and at the Laste Sanctuary. We walk all the length of the Via Laste, then Via Saluga. We cross Via Cervara, we pass through Port’Aquila, turn left on Via St Maria Maddalena, then Via Oriola, turning left on Via Mazzurana, then Piazza Pasi and, there we are, in front of the Cathedral of Trento.

For the description of the route see the Guide of Simone Frignani
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TYPICAL DISHES = Infotrentino
Despar Via Nazionale, 1 – 39040 SALORNO
Coop Via Romana,16 – 38016 MEZZOCORONA
Coop Via Trento,8 – 39040 SALORNO
Agritutr Cobelli loc. Panizza di Sopra, 22 – 38015 SORNI TN 331-9672482 info@cobelli.it www.cobelli.it Arrangement
Birreria Pedavena via Santa Croce, 15 – 38100 TRENTO 0461-986255 info@birreriapedavena.com www.birreriapedavena.com
Il Simposio via A.Rosmini,19 – 38122 TRENTO 0461-261848 ilsimposiotrento@gmail.com www.ilsimposio.net
Agriturismo Sole Blu via IV Novembre,32 – 38016 MEZZOCORONA TN 0461-605242 dalen60@gmail.com soleblu.com
Ristorante Cadino Loc.Cadino – 38010 FAEDO (TN) 0461-650136
Hotel Ristorante Alla Nave 38015 NAVE SAN FELICE TN 0461-87.01.11 info@hotelallanave.it
Hotel Ristorante Corona piazza Manci 4,  38015 LAVIS TN 0461-246772, 338-5948620 hotelcorona.lavis@alice.it www.hotelcoronalavis.it
Hotel America via Torre Verde,50 – 38100 TRENTO 0461-983010 info@hotelamerica.it hotelamerica.it
Ostello della Gioventù via Torre Vanga, 9 – 38100 TRENTO 0461-263484 trento@gayaproject.it Convenzione
Agritutr Cobelli loc. Panizza di Sopra, 22 – 38015 SORNI-TN 331-9672482 info@cobelli.it www.cobelli.it Convenzione
B&B La Ferrata Loc.Cadino – 38010 FAEDO-TN 0461-669005 / 339 8132425 info@laferrata.com www.laferrata.com
Cooperativa -Villa Sant’Ignazio via Delle Laste,22 – 38121 TRENTO 0461-238720 coop@vsi.it www.vsi.it
Agriturismo Sole Blu via IV Novembre,32 – 38016 MEZZOCORONA-TN 0461-605242 dalen60@gmail.com soleblu.com
Hotel Ristorante Alla Nave Via Nazionale, 22 – 38015 NAVE SAN FELICE-TN 0461-87.01.11 info@hotelallanave.it www.hotelallanave.it
Hotel Ristorante Corona piazza Manci 4,  38015 LAVIS-TN 0461-246772, 338-5948620 hotelcorona.lavis@alice.it www.hotelcoronalavis.it
B&B Al Nettuno via Romagnosi 26, 38100 TRENTO 345-8267294 info@bbnettuno.it
B&B Mia via Torre Vanga 14, 38100 TRENTO 327-6161663 info@bbmia.it
B&B La Malvasia via Malvasia,77 – 38121 TRENTO 331-1173197 infolamalvasia@gmail.com malvasia.it
B&B Ai Tre Portoni vicolo Madruzzo,8 – 38122 TRENTO 348-7481804 ristopat@tiscali.it aitreportoni.com
Hotel America via Torre Verde,50 – 38100 TRENTO 0461-983010 info@hotelamerica.it hotelamerica.it
  B&B Casa Da Carmen via Damiano Chiesa-2/6 – 38017 MEZZOLOMBARDO-TN 348-8766476 bbcasadacarmen@gmail.com www.bbcasadacarmen.com
 B&B La Masera Corso IV Novembre,71 – 38016 MEZZOCORONA-TN 347-7478634 isabella.caliari@gmail.com
 Albergo Accademia Vicolo Colico,4/6 – 38122 TRENTO 0461-233600 info@accademiahotel.it www.accademiahotel.it
 Hotel Garnì Al Marinaio Via dei Marinai d’Italia,28 – 38123 TRENTO 0461-933053 info@almarinaio.eu www.almarinaio.eu
 Doss Trento Via ss. Cosma e Damiano, 94 – 38121 TRENTO 339-2039750 info@dosstrento.it www.dosstrento.it
Camping Hotel Mose Via Nazionale, 64, 38015 SAN FELICE – LAVIS-TN 0461 870248 www.guidacampeggi.com/scheda_campeggio.asp?id=943
Tuttobici Moser Via Alle Segherie,20 – 38015 LAVIS TN 0461-241999
Bike Service Moser Vicolo dei Portoni,3 – 38040 MEANO TRENTO 0461-961644
Simone 90 Via E.Maccani,107 – 38100 TRENTO 0461-830031
Moser Cicli Via Calepina,63 – 38100 TRENTO 0461-230327
Baldo Giovanni Cicli Corso Tre novembre,70 – 38100 TRENTO 0461-915406
Conta Mario Via dei Solteri,39/10 – 38100 TRENTO 0461-827754
Taxi Vito Viaggi 347-1059408 / 335-8334935
APT Trento via Manci,2 – 38100 TRENTO 0461-216000 info@discovertrento.it www.discovertrento.it

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