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LEVICO TERME – This is a stage with two alternative routes. The first follows the cycling lane of the Brenta River or parallel lanes; the second, for those who are attracted by the beauty of the surrounding country and its singularity, can face the steep hill that reaches 1.000 m above sea level of Valle Sella. Neither route is historical but both enable the walker to avoid the extremely intense and fast traffic as  usually is in the entire Valsugana.

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Leaving from the Parrish Church, follow the Via Regia and then Via G.Marconi, Via Rovigo, turn right, then suddenly to the left, and after a few meters we cross the Provincial highway to take Via Cervia. 1 km of gentle slope and we shall be on the cycling lane of the River Brenta, which we shall follow for the next 2 km. Then we shall leave it turning right, then immediately left: we shall then follow a parallel road for 6 km, more interesting from the landscape view point, without traffic until the underpass, on the left of the railway and the State Highway SS47. We are at the level of Mater. If we want to go to Roncegno  we cross the River Brenta and Provincial Highway SP228 and take the Via Val dell’Orso which will take us on to the Via Claudia Augusta: 2 km more and we shall be in the village; or otherwise we continue the cycling lane on the right bank of the Brenta and shall arrive at Borgo Valsugana about 6 km where we shall find the lane that descends to Valle Sella.

If instead we prefer  go up to Valle Sella (+4 km) then, having descended from Levico, we shall go to Barco. After crossing the Brenta, we shall take the cycling lane and walk for 500 m, then turn right; after 350m turn left, another 250m to the right, follow the road for 1,5 km and you are in the valley of the Torrent Sella. We begin to climb for about 4,5 km, until at the top we will admire a great view of the landscape of forests, meadows, where there will be works of art by artists from all over the world whose works are made entirely with local materials. There will be excellent restoration available. From Sella we resume our walk towards Borgo, following the road, almost entirely paved with tarmac, but no traffic, with the possibility of admiring several work of art on route.

Arte Sella: the contemporary mountain, a unique creative process, which within a twenty year experience has seen various artistic expressions and generated interest in a profitable dialogue between creativity and the natural world. Over the years 300 artists have taken part in this experience consigning their works to the Association Arte Sella and to the Valley.

For the description of the route see the Guide of Simone Frignani
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