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This is our last stage in the Alps, the Lower Valsugana, walking next to the River Brenta which becomes broader and broader as we walk. We now reach the splendid town of Bassano del Grappa, “gate” to the Po Valley of the Venetia. Primolano is a locality in the municipality of Cismon, it is famous for its Venetian fortifications of the so-called “Scala”, which marked the border of the Venetian Republic.

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Cismon del Grappa is among the localities involved in the events that between the 11th and the 13th century, were dominated by the powerful family of the Ezzelini. The placename of Cismon is listed among the possessions of this house, written after their defeat occurred in 1260.

After a visit to the military fortifications, especially those of Covolo di Buttistone, we leave Cismon del Grappa: we cross the river by the suspension bridge and resume our walk, not longer on the cycling lane, but along the local road, and in 4 km we will arrive at the locality of Costa, under its fantastic cliff used for training by rock climbers. Our route gently slopes along the right bank of the river, passing through and by a great number of tiny villages, set along the river. The landscape continues to amaze the walker with its beauty, being a deep gorge sunken into high and very green mountains. We pass through Valgardena, Giara ModonSan Gaetano and after a stretch of fine rapids, we arrive at Mori, with its gigantic dolomia stone quarries, and soon after we come to a canoeing establishment, with the town of Valstagna on one side and  Carpané opposite; villages and towns are now much more numerous and more individual, such as Oliero with its caves. We arrive at St Nazario, the main centre of the municipality, and soon after we enter in the municipality of Campolongo sul Brenta, and here the valley broadens. We carry on along the Provincial Highway, or along the bank of the Brenta, between the mountains and the river, whereas on the opposite bank the town of Solagna spreads itself on a broad plain; we arrive at Campese, we turn left Via Tenente Cavalli, then Via Brenta and we follow the river up to Bassano. We are now in the municipality of Bassano del Grappa; the plain opens up before us and we shall walk on this plain for several hundred Km: this is The Padana Valley, of the River Po. We now enter Bassano del Grappa by crossing the river on its famous Bridge of Bassano.

For the description of the route see the Guide of Simone Frignani
From airport (BOLOGNA, VENEZIA, MILANO-ORIO, VERONA) to Padova FS Railway Station TRAIN – (www.trenitalia.com) Padova FS Railway Station – Primolano-Cismon FS Railway Station; Trento FS Railway Station – Primolano-Cismon FS Railway Station
Ostello Bassano del Grappa Via L. Chini 6 – 36061 BASSANO DEL GRAPPA 331-1576723 info@ostellobassanodelgrappa.it www.ostellobassanodelgrappa.it Arrangement  DETAILED LIST
Locanda Calieroni via Val Frenzela 58, 36020 VALSTAGNA 0424-98500, 339-3857469 locandaicalieroni@gmail.com Arrangement
Centro Missionario Scalabrini Viale Scalabrini, 3 – 36061 BASSANO DEL GRAPPA 0424-503054 info@scalabrinibassano.it www.scalabrinibassano.it
B&B Allo Spizzo via Spizzo, 1 – 36020 VALSTAGNA (VI) 339-1209337 bballospizzo@gmail.com www.bballospizzo.wix.com
B&B Fata Verde via Giara Modon,10 – 36020 VALSTAGNA (VI) 348-8863871 info@bed-fataverde.it www.beb-fataverde.it
Albergo alla Posta via Roma 6,  36020 CISMON (VI) 0424-92122 paolamocellini@virgilio.it
B&B Villa delle Feste fraz. San Gaetano, 36020 -VALSTAGNA (VI) 333- 4974608 info@vivilavita.net
B&B Campo Marzio via Campo Marzio 58, 36061 – BASSANO DEL GRAPPA (VI) 348-100636, 349-6349548 campo.marzio@hotmail.it www.bbcampomarzio.it
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Bassano del Grappa