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BASSANO DEL GRAPPA – This stage stretches along the River Brenta, long magnificent dirt roads, crossing stretches of woodland and beautiful ponds.

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The city lies at the foothills of the Venetian Fore-Alps (Altopiano di Asiago and Monte Grappa), where the River Brenta issues from the Brenta Canal (Valsugana). The choice of such site was no accident, in fact it offers both the opportunity to control the country due south, the river and the road system. The artifacts excavated in the necropolis of San Giorgio di Angarano, dated between the 11th and the 9th centuries BC, speak of a pre- Roman settlement. The Romans conquered the region in the 2nd century BC and reclaimed the land for agriculture. The bridge on the Brenta, called Old Bridge or the Alpini Bridge, underwent numerous alterations and restorations since was first built in 1209 by a Gerardo Maurisio. The new bridge was designed in 1569 by the illustrious Venetian architect Andrea Palladio. A flood destroyed Palladio’s masterpiece in 1748 and the bridge was rebuilt by Bartolomeo Ferracina. By Andrea Palladio, one must visit Villa Angarano Bianchi Michiel, Villa Rezzonico Borella 17th-18th C., Villa Cerizzo Luca, of the 15th C. the Palazzo Pretorio, the Duomo which rose on the foundations of the ancient baptismal church, within the earliest precinct walls of the Castello Superiore; the Church of San Francesco, the Ossuary Temple, originally built as a church but after the Great War turned into the ossuary as a gesture of respect for the dead soldiers. It contains the bones of 6000 soldiers, among them 236 awarded merits. The style is Neogothic and it is built entirely of red bricks. The whole building measures 75 m in extent and has two bell towers, each 60 m tall.
After a thorough visit to this important city in the history of Italy, we shall resume our walk in the direction of Padova, two stages ahead of us. Coming out of the city centre we shall walk in front of the Gothic church which is the ossuary of the befallen of the Great War, then walk along Via Colomba for 700 m. This stage is all flat but rather long; at the crossroad we take to the right, Via SS Fortunato and Lazzaro and follow it for a distance of 3km, over the crossroad with Via A. Moro to return to the river bank. Now the route is a footpath, then it returns to be a road and again a footpath, all very straight with a wonderful view on the River Brenta, now considerably broad. Now we must pay great attention in crossing the national highway leading to Trento, as well as the Provincia highway 58, near Cartigliano. Should we not enter the town, we shall carry on walking along the river bank or nearly on it. for about 5 km up to the bridge of Friola where we will find refreshments. Having crossed the bridge on the Brenta we turn sharp to the left and follow the river downstream sometimes on a footpath, sometime on the road, still in a green environment, through cultivated fields or woodland. 7 Km on we shall arrive at the railway underpass. On the other side of the river is Fontaniva and in the distance Cittadella. We may reach these towns by taking the State highway 53 with a diversion of a few kms. On the other side of the railway we shall follow the Provincial Highway for 1,5 km, to return to the river bank which we shall follow for about 10 Km. Near Piazzola we must return to the tarmac which leads to the town centre of Piazzola, near Villa Contarini.
Villa Contarini, dominates the great square of Piazzola sul Brenta. The largest Venetian villa was probably commissioned by the Contarini family, to the great architect Andrea Palladio in 1546.

VARIATION: way of  St. ANTONY  from Bassano del Grappa to Camposanpiero and Padova   

WARNING! in the wetlands of the plains provide yourself with products against mosquitoes

For the description of the route see the Guide of Simone Frignani
From airport (BOLOGNA, VENEZIA, MILANO-ORIO, VERONA) to Padova FS Railway Station TRAIN – (www.trenitalia.com) Padova FS Railway Station – Bassano FS Railway Station BUS/LOCAL TRAIN – SITA bus route from Padova FS Railway Station – 46 km (www.sitabus.it)
Cicli Barco Via Watt,7 – 35016 PIAZZOLA SUL BRENTA PD 349-8437432 / 049-5599513
Ufficio Turismo Piazzola Via S. Silvestro, 38 – 35016 PIAZZOLA SUL BRENTA (PD) 049 9601019

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Piazzola sul Brenta