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To continue our walk we use the iron steps which from the Polesella side of the embankment will enable us to get onto the Provincial Highway SP5, we walk along the walkway of the bridge, and by a second flights of steps we reach the opposite embankment of the river Po: here we will be in Emilia Romagna in the municipality of Ro.

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Now we must walk for 11 Km through a flat landscape where water is dominant, but not at all monotonous, if you are observant and look at the great slow river which carries materials and all along there are meadows ad woodlands with wildlife. On our left there are numerous villages such as RoFossa d’AlberoPescara with a welcomed fountain at the foot of the embankment. Finally we are at Francolino, where we leave the river behind and walk in the direction of Ferrara. We step down from the embankment and walk along take Via dei Calzolai, which once out of Francolino we will enjoy a fine cycling lane flanking the main road for 6 km, then we turn right and find a green area. After 1 km we shall be in Via Riccardo Bacchelli, turning right and 1km on we turn left we cross the road, we enter the city walls of Ferrara and turn left on Via Orlando Furioso. 300 m beyong we turn right on Corso Ercole d’Este and we are in Certosa district, We walk along the Corso for 1 km and we will be in front of the famous moated Ferrara Castle.

WARNING! in the wetlands of the plains provide yourself with products against mosquitoes

For the description of the route see the Guide of Simone Frignani
From airport (VENEZIA, MILANO-ORIO, VERONA) to Padova FS Railway Station; TRAIN – (www.trenitalia.com) Padova FS Railway Station – Rovigo/Polesella FS Railway Station Autobus Rovigo/Polesella (www.garbellini.it/autolinees/orari_2006.pdf;  www.oraribus.com/Polesella-Ferrara-autobus)
From Bologna Marconi airport (www.bologna-airport.it) > shuttle Bologna-FS = (www.tper.it); tel. +39-051-290290 – Airport Shuttle Service: www.airservicepadova.it. Shuttle Service booking: padova.booking-on-line.com TRAIN – (www.trenitalia.com) Bologna FS Railway Station – Ferrara/Polesella FS Railway Station Autobus Ferrara/Polesella (www.garbellini.it/autolinees/orari_2006.pdf;  www.oraribus.com/Polesella-Ferrara-autobus)
  TYPICAL DISHES = Emiliaromagnaturismo
Sigma Piazza Matteotti,414 – 45038 POLESELLA
Despar Strada Statale 16, 2762 – 45038 POLESELLA
381 Storie da Gustare – coop. Sociale Piazzetta Corelli,24 – 44100 FERRARA 0532 762052 / 320 2512214 381@ilgermoglio.fe.it www.381storiedagustare.it Arrangement
Bar Latteria BLUE ICE Via Calzolai, 500 – 44123 FRANCOLINO-FE 331 3326164 maky3186@gmail.com Arrangement
Agriturismo Ca’ Nova Di Tasca Andrea Via Dazio, 40 – 44030 RO FE 0532 868239 andrea.tasca63@yahoo.it
Locanda del Po via dei Calzolai 653, 44036 FRANCOLINO FE 370-3265437 / 0532-724173 locandadelpo@gmail.com
Camplus Living Il Cenacolo via Fabbri 414, 44100 FERRARA 0532-742456 info.cenacolo@campusliving.it www.camplusapartments.it/chi-siamo/offerta-abitativa/ferrara-cenacolo/
Locanda del Po via dei Calzolai 653, 44036 FRANCOLINO FE  370-3265437 / 0532-724173 locandadelpo@gmail.com
Ostello “STUDENT’S HOSTEL ESTENSE”  Corso Biagio Rossetti, 24 – 44121 FERRARA 0532-201158 info@ostelloferrara.it www.ostelloferrara.it
Last Minute Ferrara corso Porta Po,106 – 44100 FERRARA 391-7930100 todiscomichele@hotmail.it www.lastminuteferrara.it
Camplus Living Il Cenacolo via Fabbri 414, 44100 FERRARA 0532-742456   info.cenacolo@campusliving.it www.camplusapartments.it/chi-siamo/offerta-abitativa/ferrara-cenacolo/
Hotel Carlton via Garibaldi, 93 – 44100 FERRARA 0532-211130 info@hotelcarlton.net www.hotelcarlton.net
B&B Dolcemela via della Sacca 35, 44100 FERRARA 0532-769624 / 333-5870280 info@dolcemela.it www.dolcemela.it
BiciDeltaPo:Ferrara Store Piazza della Repubblica,23 – 44121 FERRARA 0532-242759
BiciDeltaPo:Hotel Europa Corso Giovecca,49 – 44121 FERRARA 0532-205456
Ceragioli Piazza Travaglio,4 – 44121 FERRARA 339-4056853
Speedy Bici Via G.Pesci,38 – 44121 FERRARA 0532-92330
Frignani Lorenzo Via XX Settembre,195 – 44121 FERRARA 0532-61155
Garbini Cicli Via C.Mayr,13 – 44121 FERRARA 0532-765318
D’Arminio Elio Via Argine Ducale,8 – 44121 FERRARA 0532-764195
Barlati Moto Biciclette Accessori Via G.degli Adelardi,1 – 44121 FERRARA 0532-206863
Cavallari Giuliano Corso Porta Mare,79 – 44121 FERRARA 0532-752350
Il Germoglio – coop.sociale Via Darsena,132 – 44100 FERRARA 329-0477971 ricicletta@ilgermoglio.fe.it www.ilgermoglio.fe.it
 VISIT – EMILIA-ROMAGNA www.emiliaromagnaturismo.it/it/vie-di-pellegrinaggio/via-romea-germanica
I.A.T. FERRARA Largo Castello Estense – 44100 FERRARA 0532 209370 infotur@provincia.fe.it www.ferrarainfo.com
Tavalazzi Pamela – organizzatrice cammini via Gramsci, 8 – 44011 ARGENTA FE 338-6071909 – tavalazzi pamela pamela@studiotavalazzi.com www.studiotavalazzi.com
Gulliver Viaggi – Agenzia via Bologna,82 – 44100 FERRARA 0532-769515 info@gulliverviaggi.eu www.gulliverviaggi.eu

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Ferrara and its Province