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CASALBORSETTI – At the time of the Kingdom of Italy the area we are crossing was only marginally settled and lacked bathing resorts entirely. The only building of some relevance was the Custom’s Post which served as resthouse for the patrols guarding the coastline, then called “Casello Speranza Governativo”. In the second half of the 19th century a certain Giovanni Borsetti was appointed the guard. He was originally from Goro where he was born in 1828. As Customs brigadeer Borsetti was the sentry checking on smugglers, but did not dislike undertaking manual tasks. To his official appointment he exercised the profession of cobbler, since in the area no one repaired shoes or boots. When Borsetti retired, did not return to his native village, he remained in the area, where he was well known and had a great reputation with fishermen and with the few inhabitants. Borsetti died in 1906. In 1917 the municipality of Ravenna decided to name the hamlet which was slowly taking shape around his work place Casal Borsetti. In the early post war period the hamlet grew up into a village and hosted mainly war veterans who had become homeless, farm hands and people looking for a job in the Lower Romagna: A small harbor, a shelter for boats, had already began to grow in years past. During the second post war period Casal Borsetti also enjoyed some prosperity. Since then tourism became the chief source of income in the area. This stage will take us from the  Adriatic seashore to the Byzantine Capital city of Ravenna. Which we shall approach by walking through the famous pine forest of San Vitale. For several km we shall walk along dirt tracks cutting through splendid, silent, woodlands. Upon arrival near the outskirts of Ravenna the unpleasantness of traffic and noise will be compensated by the sight of Theoderic’s Mausoleum. No refreshments or villages during the entire stage, therefore food and water must be carried in you knapsack.

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Leaving the church of St Lorenzo on the right, we take Via Nino Bonnett and after 200 m we shall enter the pine forest and for 3 km we shall walk along a lane with the beach on the left and the road (Via Spallazzi) on the right walking behind numerous camping sites up till the estuary of the River Lamone. We cross the bridge, turning right and take the cycling lave along the bank of the river and we turn left after 3,5 km, we cross the Provincial Highway SP112, when we arrive at the end of the tarmac, we turn right, and after 200 m we find a footbridge hat will take us back into the S. Vitale pinewood, called thus because originally the property of the Benedictine monks of S. Vitale of Ravenna. The landscape is fascinating on account of its wilderness aspect, only managed by man to enable a fruition by the public. After 2 km we find a clearing where the monks built their first house (casa vecchia), we continue and 200 m on we cross a canal. Two km ahead we find a vast clearing where one can meet horses, we cross the entire clearing (400 m) and turn right, after 200 m we cross a canal, a further 200 m and on the left we cross yet another canal: on the right there is a great plant for the regulation of water flows. We advance on a straight line for 600 m and we find the Benedictine farmyard of Ca’ Nova, a great compound of building open to the public, where monks prepare medicinal herbs and pine kernels. We continue to walk through what we may call an Earthly Paradise and after 1,8 km we torn right, walk for 400 m around a second plant for the control of water and we will be out of the woodland. A further 300 m and we arrive at the underpass of a belt of the Via Romea. After 600 m we turn left onto the Via Romea Nord . We follow the canal to avoid the traffic it on its left for 500 m standing on the right of a roundabout and arrive in Via Chiavica Romea. We turn right, and 200 m on turn left, 600m on we arrive at a second roundabout, beyond which we continue to walk along Via Chiavica Romea for a further 500 m, we cross the railway and, turn right and 150 m on we shall be in Theodoric’s Park, where is the peculiar mausoleum of the first Gothic King of Italy, We exit the Mausoleum from the right, and go beyond the railway station, and 200 m on we shall be at the junction above Rocca Brancaleone on the left. In less than 600 m we shall be in front of the Basilica di San Giovanni, with the Station on the left and on the right, 150 m beyond the start of the pedestrian area of the historical centre of Ravenna: Via Diaz, Piazza del Popolo, Via IV Novembre. Via Cavour, Vis San Vitale.

The famous Pine grove PINETA DI SAN VITALE, that belonged to the Benedictine monks of the San Vitale Abbey of Ravenna, today the property of the municipality of Ravenna, are a true Garden of Eden, with water, flora and fauna, all walkable on lovely footpaths of gravel and sand, passing by very pretty ponds and lakes. We shall walk 8 km without trace of human intervention or tampering, if not for the upkeep of the footpaths and of some ancient monastic buildings now used for the preparations of herbal remedies and drinks, and for for the storage of pine kernels.

For the description of the route see the Guide of Simone Frignani
From airport (BOLOGNA, VENEZIA, MILANO-ORIO, VERONA) to Ravenna FS Railway Station BUS/LOCAL TRAIN – From Ravenna FS Railway Station with START bus route – 25 km (www.startromagna.it; Tel. 199199158)
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