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RAVENNA has 160.243 inhabitants and is the capital city of its own province, in the region of Emilia-Romagna, it is renown throughout the world as the capital city of mosaics. It is the largest and most important city of the Romagna; its municipality is the only second to Rome in extent and includes nine bathing resorts on the Adriatic coast. Ravenna has a long history and for three times has been a capital city of the Western Roman Empire (1 – 402-476), of the Ostrogoth Kingdom of Italy (2 – 493-553), and of the Byzantine Exarcate (3 – 568-751). On account of its brilliant pas, its early Churches Ravenna has been declared UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Things to see in Ravenna: Mausoleum of Galla Placidia (first half of the 5th century, after 426); Neonian (Orthodox) Baptistery (430c, decorated around 458); Archbishop’s Chapel (500c);Basilical church of St. Apollinare Nuovo (early 6th century, with partial restoration of the late 6th century); Mausoleum of Theodoric (520c) an ancient monument just outside Ravenna; It was built in 520 AD  the first Gothic King of Italy: Theodoric the Great, as his future tomb. The Baptistery of the Arians (first half of 6th century); The Basilical church of St Vitale(first half of 6th century); The Basilical church of St Apollinare in Classe (consecrated in 547); The Basilical church of St FrancisThe House of Stone Carpets; The Keep of Brancaleone; Dante’s tomb……

Another long stage but all level, in a densely populated area. Having visited Ravenna, we meet in Piazza Anita Garibaldi to continue our journey, from the corner of Via Armando Diaz and Via Roma which will follow finding that it changes its name becoming Via Cerarea, then Via Romea and finally Via Dismano (SR71), a road which has replaced our ancient route through Tuscany and Umbria, up to the bridge over the “reunited rivers”. Passed the bridge we turn right and follow the embankment on the right on the right bank and follow the water course all the way to Forlì. Before walking along the embankment path may be interesting to turn left at the roundabout, since after about 100 m we will find the archaeological excavations of the ancient port of Classe; from the roundabout we can go to St Apollinare in Classe (2,5 Km) well worth a visit to the top church of Ravenna. Returning to the embankment we resume our walk and after 1,5 Km we can see the Rivers Montone and Ronco, becoming one. At the same distance we come to the Adriatica highway which we shall cross using the underpass. We are now in the midst of an important agricultural area, dotted with rural hamlets and villages. The first we shall see is Ghibullo, from where we may reach Gambellara and St. Pietro in Vincoli. Continuing we shall be at Coccolia, then Borgo Sisa; before entering the village, we must pay attention to the concrete footbridge which from Durazzanino takes one across the river on the Ravenna road. Unfortunatly it is a very busy highway up to the underpass of the A14 highway; it has no pavements, then we enter the urban area, and carrying on we shall enter the historical centre of Forlì, in PIazza Saffi in front of San Mercuriale (the cathedral), after having walked Via Mazzini. Continuing, alternatively, along the river embankment, after Borgo Sisa, we shall cross the motorway A14 to reach Bagnolo on the Via to Cervia (Via Cervese). We shall carefully tackle this road, with heavy traffic and descend on the right to Via Rustignoli, then with Via del Santuario we shall arrive at the Sanctuary of Fornò, residence of the Community Giovanni XXIII. By now we will have covered 24 Km, 6 more to Forlì which we shall reach continuing along the road to the Sanctuary, to Via Mattei and at the roundabout which we cross turning left, we take the road that takes us to the Via Costiera (the coastline road), which we take on the right, then left along the Ronco river. Having surpassed the cemetery and the railway, using the underpass, we shall be on the Via Emilia; turning right along the sidewalk on the bridge on the Ronco river, we shall be at Ronco, in front of the parish church. Four Km on along the Via Emilia and we shall be in the town centre of Forli. Alternatively, crossing the road and turning left, we shall descend on the river and walking on the embankment we shall continue the next stage along the left embankment path of the Ronco.

Sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Grazie (Fornò), the very peculiar church, dedicated to the Virgin, whose diameter measures 34 m. We have covered 24 km and in case one wanted to cut our route short by 1km, rather than taking Via del Seminario one  continued straight ahead on Via Bondiola which goes near the bank of the River Ronco, then it turns left and finds Via Bianco da Durazzo; we turn right and in 1 km we cross the double carriageway of Via Mattei; we return to Via Durazzo to the right, then left, and again right, and in 600 m we shall be on Via Costiera, which we shall follow for 1,5 km to arrive at the Via Emilia. 300 m to the right and we find the parish church of Ronco after crossing the river. To reach the centre of Forlì, Piazza Saffi e San Mercuriale, we have 4 km of sidewalk along the Via Emilia.

For the description of the route see the Guide of Simone Frignani
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Conad Via Achille Grandi,2 – 48123 RAVENNA
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 Conad Via Farini,89 – 48100 SAN PIETRO IN VINCOLI
Crai  Via Oriani, 2 – 48019 RAVENNA
Crai Via Cervese 5385 – 47023 FORLI’
D-Piu Via dei Poggi, 58 – 48100 RAVENNA 0544-471615
D-Piu Via A.Grandi,30 – 48100 RAVENNA 0544-453153
Eurospin Rotonda dei Goti, 1 – 48100 RAVENNA
Sigma Via Romea,120 – 48124 RAVENNA 0544-63691
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Hotel Gardenia via Mellini 7, 47121 FORLI’ 0543-402144 / 331-2190318 info@gardeniahotel.eu www.gardeniahotel.eu
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Ospitalità Pellegrina Parrocchia, 47122 RONCO -FORLI 347-1725622 parrocchia.sgiovannibattista@gmail.com Arrangement 
B&B Terrazza sugli Ulivi via Fratelli Zannetti 36, 47121 FORLI’ 0543-782217 / 329-6707752 terrazzasugliulivi@gmail.com Arrangement
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Bravi Alberto Corso G.Garibaldi,.331 – 47122 FORLI’ 0543-21099
Dueruote Via Ravegnana,29 – 47122 FORLI’ 0543-25239/26216
Servadei Furio Cicli Piazza del Duomo,7 – 47122 FORLI’ 0543-26996
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CAI Forlì V.le dell’Appennino 375 – 47121 – FORLI’ 338 7601333 info@caiforli.it www.caiforli.it
IAT Forlì P.tta della Misura, 5 – 47122 FORLI’ 0543-712435 iat@comune.forli.fc.it www.turismoforlivese.it
Morelli Marta – Guida Turistica 47122 FORLI’ 347-5573996 morelli-marta@libero.it
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