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The municipality of SANTA SOFIA lies within the National Park of the Casentino Forests, Monte Falterona and Campigna. The forests of Campigna were in the past providing timbers for the building of the Duomo of Florence and for the shipyards of Tuscany. The forest is an ideal resort for winter sports and hiking. The dam of the Ridracoli reservoir, near Santa Sofia, within the National Park is 103 m tall, 36 m thick at the base and 432 m long. Besides being a tourist attraction for fishing and sailing, it provides freshwater for the entire Province of Forlì,Ravenna, Rimini and the Adriatic coast. Santa Sofia, a miniature version of Florence reminding us that until the early 1923 it belonged to the Province of Florence. A monument to the workers of the Ridracoli dam, who died at work on the site, by the sculptor Francesco Somaini, erected in 1994. Seen from the hills which enclose the upper valley where it lies, Santa Sofia looks like a miniature replica of Florence, with its riverside streets with grey walls and its Tuscan style palaces which reflect in the water of the Bidente river that grosses it. The town, now part of the Cesena-Forlì province, has been part of the Florentine Republic and of the State of Tuscany for over 500 years, or from the mid 15th century to 1923. The town originated from two distinct fortresses confronting each other from the opposite bank site of the stream, called Viti by the Romans. On the left bank there was a Byzantine stronghold which became a castle in the middle ages and was destroyed by an earthquake as late as 1918. On the right bank there was once a Roman fort. The town grew on both river banks with a good number of fine buildings of exceptional architectural and aesthetic value. Former residences of the Counts Crisolini-Malatesta (now the Town Hall), the 17th century villa of the Mortani family, later of the Giorgi (now the officers of a Bank). The residences of the Pagani-Nefetti and of the Gentili counts, in the square, the grand 16th-17th century residence of the Bianchini – Mortani, relative of the Florentine Uguccione della Faggiola. Santa Sofia has been a frontier town since the Umbrians and the Etruscans who confronted each other across the river, and it remained a border town since 1858, until Italy was united. On one side Tuscany and on the other the Papal State.

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Leaving from Piazza Matteotti we cross the river and turn left; at the second crossroad we cross Piazza Mortano and follow road signs pointing to Spinello on the Provincial Highway 77. Leaving it after 1 km or the first bend. Here we take the footpath on the left; we look at the river and start a long uphill road alongside a field, then this becomes a gravel road that will take us across Highway 77 at Raggio. We take to the right the old Provincial Road, whose direction, still uphill, after the cemetery, goes into the fields and meadows where it has been clearly marked. We arrive near Sasseto, a farmhouse on a rock, we turn left and after 300 m we arrive at Nocina (excellent refreshment and overnight stay for those who haven’t halted at Santa Sofia. So refreshed (after about 6 Km of steep hill), we resume our walk on the Provincial Highway towards Spinello, but we leave the road after 200 m to go on to the old road: a few bends and hills, we will be on the tarmac again at St.Uberto (km 2,8) Here is an “agriturismo” built on the ruins of an ancient convent. Continuing on the Provincial highway we arrive at Gamberini (Km 2,20), a residential village with a bar restaurant and public fountain: our last chance to refill our flasks. We are now on the main road to Bagno, watch the traffic. Although not so bad. After 1,5 Km we walk passed the monument to the dead partisans of WW2 and we shall be at the Carnaio crossroad (a landmark of the Via Romea at 780m a.s.l.). We leave the tarmac road and take the gravel lane, marked as footpath 201, which in 1 Km of hill will take us to the farmhouse of Monte Salvetti (835m) and soon after we take a country lane through the fields and meadows, paying attention to the gates that divide fields and grazing areas; we shall cross two farmyards, and 2 Km after we will be on the main road which we shall follow to the crossroad with the road to San Piero; on the right we take the road to Paganico (1 Km), we cross it and descend towards the torrent, having turned right. We shall ford the torrent and start an uphill road entering woodland and will soon reach Corzano.

The Gamberini Hotel Restaurant, surrounded by woodland at 800 m of altitude provides a warm reception and ancient recipes at reasonable cost. Only 6 Km away from the Spa of Bagno di Romagna on a Pilgrims Way crossroad, The St Francis’ Way and the Via Romea, near the Pass of Carnaio. . 1km and we go to San Piero in Bagno; 3km, over cycling lane, and we go to Bagno di Romagna

The ancient Via Romea at the historical pass Passo del Carnaio, mentioned in many documents from the early middle ages. The ancient track was modernized by Grand Duke Francis Leopold II of Tuscany in 1840 to better connect Bagno di Romagna with Rocca San Casciano, then both pert of Tuscany.

For the description of the route see the Guide of Simone Frignani
From airport (BOLOGNA, VENEZIA, MILANO-ORIO, VERONA) to Forlì FS Railway Station From Forlì FS Railway Station with START bus route – 40 km (www.startromagna.it)
Affittacamere, Ristorante, Bar NOCINA Via Nocina 147 – 47018 SANTA SOFIA 0543/970287 affittacamere.nocina@comunic.it Arrangement
Albergo Gamberini passo del Carnaio – 47021 S.PIERO IN BAGNO 0543-903393 albergoristorantegamberini@gmail.com Arrangement
B&B Casenuove Loc. Casenuove, 47021 S.PIERO IN BAGNO 349-1396595 patriziasampaoli@gmail.com www.casenuoveagriturismo.it
Hotel Roma Via Manin,3 – 47021 BAGNO DI ROMAGNA FC 0543-911021 info@romabagnodiromagna.com www.romabagnodiromagna.com
Hotel Turismo via Battistini 11, 47021 SAN PIERO IN BAGNO FC 0543-917156 info@albergoturismo.com www.albergoturismo.com
Clarisse Francescane Piazza Ricasoli 8 – 47021 BAGNO DI ROMAGNA 0543-911712 b.romagna@libero.it www.edumissioclarissefrancescane.org/dove_siamo.htm
Fattoria dell’Autosufficienza Località Paganico – 47021 BAGNO DI ROMAGNA 0543-918302 / 335-8137979 info@autosufficienza.it www.autosufficienza.it
Agriturismo S.Uberto Via S.Maria di S.Uberto,116 – 47018 SANTA SOFIA 0543-996039 santesil@tin.it
Hotel Roseo Euroterme Via Lungosavio, 2 – 47021 BAGNO DI ROMAGNA FC 0543-911414
Agriturismo Le Gualchiere Loc. Le Gualchiere, 47021 BAGNO DI ROMAGNA FC 338-3782486 / 0543-911119 info@legualchiere.com www.legualchiere.com
Hotel La Pace Via Lungosavio, 4 – 47021 BAGNO DI ROMAGNA FC 0543-911025 info@lapacehotel.com www.lapacehotel.com
Agriturismo Monte Salvetti Via Montesalvetti,17 – 47021 BAGNO DI ROMAGNA FC 339-2464940 info@agriturismoalmonte.it www.agriturismoalmonte.it  (discount 15% given with Credential)
Camping Alto Savio SP43, 37, 47021 BAGNO DI ROMAGNA-FC 0543 1750478 / 391 4994234 altosaviocamping@gmail.com www.campingaltosavio.com
FANTIC BIKE – Ricci-Ebike via Ruscelli,21/37 – 47021 BAGNO DI ROMAGNA 0543-917135
VISIT – EMILIA-ROMAGNA www.emiliaromagnaturismo.it/it/vie-di-pellegrinaggio/via-romea-germanica
Merendi Alberto – Ass- Altra Terra 47021 BAGNO DI ROMAGNA 342-1332152 vallesavionews@libero.it
IAT BAGNO DI ROMAGNA Via Fiorentina, 38 – 47021 BAGNO DI ROMAGNA FC 0543-911046 info@bagnodiromagnaturismo.it www.bagnodiromagnaturismo.it

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