78 – (ITA STAGE 30) – Chitignano – Subbiano – Capolona



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The Ubertini Castle of Chitignano was originally the property of the Earls of Chiusi and in 1261 passed to the Ubertini bishops of Arezzo. From the bishops it returned to the Ubertini Family who submitted themselves to Florence in 1385 obtaining the freedom to rule over Chitignano which remained under their independent county until 1779.

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We leave Chitignano and we go to  the castle Wich we reach after 1km. We return on the road and  after 400 m we turn left on a path in the woods; after 1.5 km we return  on the road, at Poggio D’Acona, reachable in 30 minutes; a picturesque village, once a castle of the Ubertini, lying astride the ridge of a buttress of the Alpe di Catenaia mountain. From Poggio D’Acona the road, now paved, but not busy, descends on the Rio Talla, then we follow a cart track, crossing the ditch of Valenzano; up towards the castle and the walls before crossing the Rio Cantalupo. We walk around Valenzano Castle (great restaurant and hotel), we continue on the road which we soon after leave to go left on a field lane; we leave on the left the Podere Pastina to ford Rio della Torre, We continue through Podere Mollieto on the left, Serboli on the right up to Fosso Romaggio. Across the torrent, we begin to climb to reach the road that descends for Vogognano; we then turn right and 1 Km  we turn left on a path that takes us to a ford on the torrent Gravena, from which the footpath to Giuliano begins. We leave the hamlet of Giuliano taking the road leading to Subbiano, which we follow for 1 Km to turn left and we the path leading to the torrent Lendra, which we ford and go to Podere Candepole where we turn right and after 400 m we cross the main road, which we finally take after 2km up to State highway SS71, or we turn to left and take the path which in 5km  we lead at Subbiano.

The Castle of Valenzano as we see it today is an imaginative reconstruction of the original castle, already a ruin in the Middle Ages. In 1870, drawing inspiration from the Gothic and Romanesque architecture of Siena, the owners commissioned the rebuilding of Valenzano to two architects who had recently built a similar castle in the Chianti district of Siena. Today the “fairy tale” neo-Gothic castle has a restaurant and hotel, Generally used for wedding banquets. Poggio d’Acona, a hilltop village of Etruscan origins has an elegant parish church of Saint Lucia built in the eighteenth century, but of Romanesque foundation. The Etruscan name Acuna is confirmed by archaeological finds. The panoramic position and the works of art contained in the church make the site very attractive.

For the description of the route see the Guide of Simone Frignani
From airport (BOLOGNA, FIRENZE, PISA, PERUGIA) to Arezzo FS Railway Station BUS/LOCAL TRAIN – bus route (www.oraribus.com/orari.php?autobus=Arezzo/Chitignano) – 31 km – Arezzo FS Railway Station- Chitignano
La Bottega da Mario San Martino Sopr’Arno,31 – 52010 CAPOLONA AR 347-9703448 [email protected]
Azienda Agrituristica Baciano via Stefanucci,33 – 52010 CAPOLONA AR 347-7767181 / 348-7002503 [email protected] www.baciano.it
Albergo “La Corte dell’Oca” Viale Europa, 16 – 52010 SUBBIANO-AR 0575-421336 [email protected] www.cortedelloca.it
Fattoria Il Trebbio Poggio d’Acona 52010 SUBBIANO-AR 0575-487252 / 347-3888754 [email protected] www.fattoriailtrebbio.it
Albergo Ristorante Chenno via Don Boschi 31, 52010 SUBBIANO-AR 0575-488002 [email protected]. www.chennoristorante.it
Albergo “La Corte dell’Oca” Viale Europa, 16 – 52010 SUBBIANO AR 0575-421336 [email protected] www.cortedelloca.it
Fattoria Il Trebbio Poggio d’Acona 52010 SUBBIANO AR 0575-487252 / 347-3888754 [email protected] www.fattoriailtrebbio.it
Agriturismo La Villa Loc. La Villa 49c – 52010 SUBBIANO AR 0575-420440 / 349-7167172 [email protected] www.tuscanytoday.it
Casa Vacanze Terrossoli Loc. San Martino Sopr’Arno 311 – 52010 CAPOLONA AR 0575-488952 / 338-7204443 [email protected]
Azienda Agrituristica Baciano via Stefanucci,33 – 52010 CAPOLONA AR 347-7767181 / 348-7002503 [email protected] www.baciano.it
Albergo Ristorante Chenno via Don Boschi 31, 52010 SUBBIANO AR 0575-488002 [email protected]. www.chennoristorante.it
COMUNE SUBBIANO Via Verdi, 9 – 52010 SUBBIANO AR 0575 421711 [email protected] www.comune.subbiano.ar.it

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