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CORTONA, a very ancient Etruscan city , probably already a town in the 9th C. BC. In the 7th C. it drew inspiration and craftsmanship from the Near East and became one of the major cities of the Etruscan nation. On the border between Tuscany and Umbria Cortona lies on a hill at 600 m of altitude enjoying an extensive panorama on the Chiana Valley. Its fortunes depended largely on its connection with Rome and the Tyrrhenian Sea by waterways. It was one of the city-states of the Etruscans, along with Arezzo, Perugia and Orvieto. It was in fact connected with the inland cities by waterways,the coastal cities were also connected due to their proximity to the coast of Tuscany. The city walls built by the Etruscans with massive megalithic sandstone blocks are still practically intact. The numerous burial mounds of the local aristocracy are a display of their wealth. A wealth accumulated by exporting wine, olive oil, and other agricultural products and wool. The rich Etruscans imported luxury goods to satisfy their need to display their wealth and power. The Etruscan Museum of Cortona is one of the most interesting and best designed museums in Central Italy.

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Monuments and things of interest to see in Cortona: The Etruscan Museum, the Etruscan Walls. The tombs of Melone 1 and 2; il Sodo; Tumulo di Camucia; Roman villa at Ossaia; Roman Road of Torrione; Cathedral; Church of San Fancesco, Monastery of Celle.

We leave Cortona from Piazza della Repubblica, and go along Via Nazionale, we cross Piazza Garibaldi leading straight along Via Gino Severini for 250m; we cross Via Cesare Battisti and carry on for a further 300m. Once reached the locality of Contesse we step on the left on a parallel road. We go downhill along this road and at Palazzone di Cortona we turn first right then left; 200 m on, passed Palazzone, at the crossroad we turn right and descend for a further 250 m . Coming near a grand Villa in the middle of an olive grove, we turn left and continue to descend for a further 900 m to the foothill, here we cross a stream and turn right to enter the precinct of the baptismal church of St Michele Arcangelo. Having visited the church.  we leave it and after 150 m we get to the SP35; we turn right and continue for 500 m, when we cross the SP (provincial road); than we take the road for Montalla reached after 6oo m. Passed this locality we turn right and ford a small torrent, skirting Castagno we arrive at Ossaia, mentioned by Abbot Albert von Stade as a halting place. Here we will see the exavation of a Roman Villa, with interesting mosaics. Beyond Ossaia we must cross the now familiar State Highway SS71, with great attention in the direction of the Industrial district. 700m more and we are out of the tarmac and traffic, into field lanes and footpaths. We turn left, under passing the railway, we ford a first then a second ditch, and come to the bank of the Master Canal of the reclamation of Val di Chiana (Canale Maestro della Bonifica della Chiana) which we cross on a footbridge. On the opposite side we walk through an agricultural area dense with farms, as it has been the case since the 18th century. Now there are also “agriturismo” hotels. After 3Km we have to cross the Autostrada A1 belt to Perugia. 3,5 Km more by passing various villages and hamlets we arrive at Provincial highway 33; 150 m of walk on it and we are on to an unpaved road in the middle of the fields. Now we have vineyards all the way to Petrignano (3 Km). We entered Umbria 1 Km beyond the Provincial highway. We walk up to Petrignano, a small quaint village in the municipality of Castiglione del Lago, situated on an Etruscan road connecting Chiusi with Cortona and Arezzo, the three Etruscan city-states. We are walking on the tarmac but with light traffic, which runs along the watershed, as said earlier, and after 2 Km we are at Giorgi, 2 Km on we are at Pozzuolo and the end of the stage for the day. Pozzuolo is a place chosen for its prominent position on this ancient route and the availability of restoration and hotels. We are now 8 Km away from Castiglione del Lago. A town well worth a visit for its position and for its splendid monuments of which the Town Hall is one, and another one is the castle, built at the time of Friedrich II Hohenstaufen.

An important visit to the religious complex of SANTA MARIA DELLE GRAZIE AL CALCINAIO requires a variation on the track: from piazza Della Repubblica we take Via Guelfa, after 230 m we turn right on Via del Mercato; we cross left the parking and we take Via Del Duomo Vecchio that we leave after 300 m to turn right, at the fork, and to reach after 160 m, the place called CINQUE VIE; we continue straight and we cross the SP34: continuing the descent we arrive in the locality MAESTA’ DEL SASSO, where you turn left reaching the Sanctuary. After the visit, we go down on the SP34, which we leave after 200 m to take right Via Salcotto Alto as far as the SP35, which we leave after 150 m to turn right and to get to the locality San Marco in Villa. So we reach Montalla re-entering into the previous track

For the description of the route see the Guide of Simone Frignani
From airport (BOLOGNA, FIRENZE, PISA) to Arezzo FS Railway Station; from PERUGIA to Perugia FS Railway Station TRAIN – (www.trenitalia.com) Arezzo FS Railway Station – CortonaFS Railway Station ; PerugiaFS Railway Station – Cortona FS Railway Station BUS/LOCAL TRAIN – bus route (www.etruriamobilita.it/index.php?SEZ=16) Arezzo FS Railway Station  – Cortona

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