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The origins of FICULLE go back to Etruscan times, as shown by the caves of the Madonna della Maestà, with archeologists believe them to be a rural cemetery. The most telling traces of the history of Ficulle, however, go back to Roman times. In Roman times Ficulle was in fact a fortress guarding the Via Trajanea, or Cassia Nova, one of the most important highways  leading from Rome straight to Florence and the Po Valley. A witness to the transit of this Roman road is a marble milestone dedicated to Mythra found near the town, and preserved in the church of S Maria Vecchia. In the Medieval period, the Castrum Ficullensis was fortified as a stronghold and during the feudal struggles it was subjected to rapes and pillages, remaining though the most important fortification in the Orvieto district. Two keeps survived such upheaval along with the town walls, which confer to the town a Medieval character. The high Middle Ages saw the building of the Abbey of the Camaldolese monastic order of St Nicola al Monte Olivetano, which hosted The Monk Gratian, the most illustrious native of this land, one of the most famous professors of the Medieval University of Bologna. The Castle of Sala (Hall) was built in 1350 by Angelo Monaldeschi della Vipera, whose family has come to Italy with Charlemagne’s retinue in the 9th century. Probably it was this family that built  the small Renaissance chapel which stands by the entrance to the castle, with a great fresco by the Umbrian School of the 15th century illustrating the coming of the Magi to Bethlehem.

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ALLERONA, a very ancient town, sets in a picturesque position on a hill at 472 m of altitude. Here too archeological remains tell of Etruscan origins. The presence of Rome is firmly proven by traces of the Via Trajana Nova, consisting of stretches of road paved with the typical Roman flagstones and milestones. In the Middle Ages Allerona was a feudal castle, an important bullwalk of Orvieto towards Chiusi, held by the Filippeschi and Monaldeschi families. Remains of ancient walls and two gates called Gate of the Sun and Gate of the Moon remain standing, together with the town plan.

Our next halt is ORVIETO, therefore we resume our walk and from Corso della Rinascita we arrive at Piazza C. Battisti, then on the familiar SS71; a further 800 m and we turn right on the Provincial Highway SP51 , which we follow for 5 km up to the junction with SP48; if we turn left and go on the tarmac for 2 km we arrive at Sala with its beautiful castle, which is the seat of the parish church, as well as of the cellars of the Antinori wine producers, well worth a visit, for its modern eco-compatible technologies of wine making. We cross the SP48 and continue along the old road  SP51, now a dirt track, which takes us to Osteria in 2 km, the site of an ancient inn in Roman times, and today is a farmhouse; we turn right and, after crossing the Motorway and the railway, we reach the first houses of Allerona Scalo. If we don’t need supplies, we turn left and take a footpath which will take us, in 150 m, on a dirt track which takes to the banks of the River Paglia. We turn right and follow the river for 400 m, where in the dry season we may ford the river ( it needs checking on the level of water and the weather forecasts). Should fording be unadvisable, we should continue to go on for a further 700 m, and underpassing the high speed railway line, we turn to right, then left and we are on the SP48; we follow this road on the left (watch the traffic) up to 1340 m, where we turning left in Via Giulio Ponte; other 380 m and we again underpass the high speed railway line, 180 m on we shall be next to the possible ford; 2,400 m further and we get to the remains of the medieval bridge called Ponte Giulio, destroyed by the floods of the River Paglia and never rebuilt. We leave the bridge, turn left, we underpass the two railway lines and arrive on the Provincial Highway SP44, we cross it and move to the left for 150 m , with an eye to the traffic, and turn right on a steep lane, first among vineyards, then woodland, until after 2 km, we arrive at Bardano, ancient grange and stronghold of the Templars until 1300.  From Bardano we go down for 2 km to SP44, we turn right, 400 m and after the bridge we turn right again and we walk for 500 m on the bank of a ditch up to a bridge that we pass on the right and continue for 100 m through the fields as far as the SP99  that, with less traffic, leads us in Sferracavallo. Now we are in the urban area. We continue right, in Via Adige for 1 km and we arrive in the SS71, which we cross and follow right to 300 m when it is named Via Delle Conce. Just before the roundabout, under the walls of the town, we turn left into via della Cava then Via Filippeschi: we are in Piazza della Republlica, in the center of the city of Orvieto. After 400 m we can be in front of the Duomo.

For the description of the route see the Guide of Simone Frignani
From airport (ROMA CIAMPINO, ROMA FIUMICINO) to Roma/Termini FS Railway Station TRAIN – (www.trenitalia.com) Roma FS Railway Station – Orvieto FS Railway Station BUS/LOCAL TRAIN – bus  route (www.umbriamobilita.it/public/resources/linee//E645.pdf); (www.umbriamobilita.it/public/resources/linee//E646.pdf) from Orvieto to Ficulle
TYPICAL DISHES = Inorvieto TYPICAL DISHES = Tipicamenteumbria TYPICAL DISHES = Umbriaonline
Conad Corso Rinascita – 05016 FICULLE
Conad Via Orvieto,56 – 05011 ALLERONA SCALO
Conad Via Buonarroti,1 – 05016 FICULLE
Hotel “Oasi dei Discepoli” Via Piave, 12 – Sferracavallo – 05018 ORVIETO E’ a 3,00 km prima del centro di Orvieto, sulla Via Romea 0763-342754 oasideidiscepoli.orvieto@gmail.com www.hoteloasideidiscepoli.com
Ristorante Il Malandrino Via Garibaldi, 20 – 05018 ORVIETO TR 0763-344315 / 328-9727472
Ristorante Le Querce Via Scalo Merci,6 – 05011 ALLERONA SCALO 0763-624012/ 320-2477069 lequerceallerona@gmail.com www.facebook.com/ristorantelequerceallerona/
Agriturismo Cioccoleta Loc. Bardano,34 – 05018 ORVIETO TR 0763-316011 / 8609780 info@cioccoleta.it www.cioccoleta.it
Struttura Cattolica – Istituto San Lodovico Piazza De Ranieri,5 – 05018 ORVIETO TR 0763-341739 infotiscali@monasterosanlodovico.it; s.lodovico@orvietonet.it www.monasterosanlodovico.it
Hotel “Oasi dei Discepoli” Via Piave, 12 – Sferracavallo – 05018 ORVIETO E’ a 3,00 km prima del centro di Orvieto, sulla Via Romea 0763-342754 oasideidiscepoli.orvieto@gmail.com www.hoteloasideidiscepoli.com
B&B Michelangeli Via Saracinelli,22 – 05018 ORVIETO-TR 0763-393862 / 347-0890349 f_michelangeli@alice.it www.bbmichelangeli.com
Casa Vacanze Suore Domenicane Via del Popolo,1 – 05018 ORVIETO-TR 0763-342910 istitutosansalvatore@gmail.com www.istitutosansalvatore.it
Agriturismo Cioccoleta Loc. Bardano,34 – 05018 ORVIETO-TR 0763-316011 / 349-8609780 info@cioccoleta.it www.cioccoleta.it
EUROSPORT di Soccolini Andrea Corso Cavour,353 – 05018 ORVIETO  0763-393194
Frizza Paolo Strada dell’Arcone,13 – 05018 ORVIETO 0763-305696
Perali Pietro Via del Duomo,9 -05018 ORVIETO 0763-341797
VOGUE Sport Piazza della Repubblica,10 – 05018 ORVIETO 0763-340597
Ufficio Turistico Orvieto piazza Duomo, 24 – 05018 ORVIETO – TR 0763/341772 info@iat.orvieto.tr.it www.comune.orvieto.tr.it
COMUNE ORVIETO Via Garibaldi, 8 05018 – ORVIETO – TR 0763 3061 www.comune.orvieto.tr.it
Associazione ACQUA (guides, museums, archeology) Via Marconi,2 , 05010 PORANO -TR 329-0706607 / 328-5430394 (Pacioni) associazioneacqua@libero.it www.facebook.com/Associazione-ACQUA-371478749640584/; www.poranoturismo.it; www.museolubriano.com; www.turismobaschi.it; www.orvietovie.it
ITALIA NOSTRA – Orvieto Via S. Angelo 58 – 05018 ORVIETO – TR 347-8289424 -biondi biondi.fa@alice.it
EffegiViaggi-Tour Operator Via Garibaldi,7 – 05018 ORVIETO – TR 0763-344666 info@effegiviaggi.it www.effegiviaggi.it/

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