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LUBRIANO has a municipality of 956 inhabitants and lies on the green and luscious hill (in Winter) which marks the border with Umbria. The town extends lengthwise on a tuff headland, commanding a lunar landscape below, a geologically spectacular area laying between the Lake of Bolsena to the west and the Tiber valley to the east . The altitude of this eroded plateau ranges between 581 m and 165 m, where the town is perched  on a lofty crag  at 441 m of altitude. All the southern part of the municipality overlooks spectacular gorges and ravines where the Torrent of Lubriano  seems to struggle to find its way into the Tiber. On the opposite side of the torrent is Bagnoregio and a tight network of footpaths connected the territory to river harbours of the Tiber, only 10 km away as the crow flies.  Here as in Tuscany the Greco-Gothic wars of the 5th-6th century ravaged and destroyed both the classical architecture and human society. The area was slowly repopulated by Christian communities mostly of migrants from the Near East on the run for the advance of Islam. Christian leaders rebuilt civilization founding new towns and villages. One of these leaders was St Proculo, as we see him on the emblem of Lubriano  with his shoulders against an oak, with in his right had a shepherd crook and in the left a castle with three towers as a symbol of protection for the town.

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Things to see: Church of Madonna SS del Poggio, Palazzo Bourbon del Monte, Monaldeschi, Tower of the Monaldeschi, Tower del Sole, Fountain della “Pucciotta”, Castle di Seppie.

BAGNOREGIO – In ancient times Balneum Regis, referring to the thermal springs, with healing powers. Conquered by the Romans in 265 B.C. followed by the destruction of Volsini (Orvieto) which saw the deportation of that population to the new town of Bolsena (Volsinii Novi). Bagnoregio lied half way from Bolsena to the Tiber, then navigable, and the via Flaminia.
CIVITA DI BAGNOREGIO: The vanishing city. We arrive at the bridge  which connects the city with the plateau ,“terra ferma”, as the citizens of Bagnoregio say. A brief halt to take our breath before tackling the crossing on the breath taking footbridge, then we enter the ghost town from Via Porta S. Maria. The visit to the city is an experience for its structure, but most of all for the absence of inhabitants, now well replaced by mouth-dropped tourists.  Due to its isolation, only reached by the foot-bridge built in 1965. The cause of the abandonment is the incipient erosion of the small isolated plateau, which eventually will completely finish the remaining town. Called since a long time ago “la città che muore”.

Before resuming our pilgrimage we must check on the state of the footpath that descends into the deep chasm which separates this town from the larger and safer situated right opposite, similar to that where Lubriano stands, This is the most fascinating footpath in the area, well settled by the treading of many walkers. The path is not always practicable for the incipient incessant erosions, as was the case recently. We are fortunately accompanied by local guides. if not, better renounce to the descent and steep rise to Civita where we resume our walk on SP55, in our case, leaving from the town hall, we continue on the right and after 1 km, at the crossroad, we turn left on the Provincial highway and carry on for a further 2 km and we will be in Bagnoregio on the crossroad between Via Roma and Via Mazzini. If we follow Via Mazzini by going left, we can reach Civita in 2 km and enjoy a unique spectacle. We leave Civita and return to the crossing  of the hazardous footbridge, we then climb to Bagnoregio town, which we shall cross in its entire length along its main street Via Mazzini, up to Porta Arco, and at the roundabout, where we turn left on the SP6. We walk for 1 km always through greenery, bush or woodlands, alas mostly on tarmac, we ignore three roads to the right and arrive at the locality of Ponzano. We go through an area of tufa qarries, therefore watch for heavy traffic of trucks. Beyond Ponzano at a crossroad we leave the SP6 and turn right, taking the tarmac road for 6 km with no traffic. This crosses a great plain with extensive cereal cultivations and pasture with numerous flocks. Meanwhile we begin to see the dome of the cathedral of Montefiascome, which enables us to maintain the right direction, until we have to turn right on to the old friend SS71, at a space by the road we cross the highway and enter a stony footpath which we follow for a distance of 1,5 km until we are in a small valley; at the crossroad we go straight on for 3 km until we reach the first houses of Montefiascone, we return on the SS71 which we follow in to the centre of Montefiascone and we walk along the pavements until we get to Via San Flaviano, then Via Cavour, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, Largo del Plebiscito, Via Santa Maria and arrive at the foot of thee keep, we climb along the walls on the right and find ourselves on the platform on top of the keep. Descending on the opposite side, we will come down on the VIA ROMEA FRANCIGENA.

For the description of the route see the Guide of Simone Frignani
From airport (ROMA CIAMPINO, ROMA FIUMICINO) to Roma/Termini FS Railway Station TRAIN – Termini FS Railway Station – Viterbo FS Railway Station BUS/LOCAL TRAIN – bus route (www.cotralspa.it/CalcolaPercorso.aspx) from Viterbo FS Railway Station to Lubriano
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